Female Desperation:
watch girls desperate to pee

Lara Alone

Lara Alone
Long desperation video.
Lara is left alone in the living room and she's had several beers and pops. She is fairly relaxed at the beginning, but as time goes by she gets fidgetty. She paces back and forth the room, and sometimes tries to get some comfort on the sofa. However she cannot stay still and her pee hole needs constant movement as it is itching more and more.
She grows more and more worried, how am I going to hold long enough for him to come back and open the toilet ? She starts getting panicky while trying to remain composed, until she realizes she is losing it and crouches to release as little as she can on the floor. Yet she makes quite a pool and it isn't enough as she starts losing it again 1 minute later and makes a bigger pool...
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