Female Desperation:
watch girls holding pee
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DesperVids - Premium issues and general support.
Admin - Technical issues.

Important: Please don't message several people at once. This doesn't make you get response any faster, while it DOES flood our workload. Thank you!

Important: Please don't write stuff like "doesn't work", "some longer videos", "occasionally have problems with" etc. - describe the exact nature of the issue, attach screenshots or clips if needed. We can't help you if we don't know the exact issue and are unable to replicate it!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A video I’m trying to watch is broken/not available/shouldn’t be on the site.
A: Use the Complaint button below the video to tell us about it.

Q: I’m not able to watch any of the videos!
A: This is most likely on your side – try using different device/browser/OS. We can’t guarantee the intended performance for every kind of software. If you're using VPN - make sure to disable it.

Q: I’m getting very slow download speed!
A: We are not limiting download speed from our side; this must be an issue with your ISP.

Q: Could I get the file named same as the video’s title when downloading?
A: Video’s displayed title is set separately from the file’s name when it was uploaded. As such, videos are accounted for by their IDs. Therefore, it’s not technically possible.

Q: Could I get the videos downloading in 1080p full hd / 4k / 8k?
A: Our downloads are served in 720p. Technical capacity of our platform does not allow us to go higher than that, given our vast collection of videos. We are not Google.

Q: Could you please upload more videos of X?
A: We upload whatever we manage to procure, we are not withholding content on purpose; such requests do not influence or facilitate this process.

Q: I want daily updates, why can't you upload more often?
A: We have the unfortunate flaw of being humans. We have to sleep and do other humanly things, you know =/

Q: I uploaded a video but can’t see it anywhere!
A: All videos are approved manually, please be patient.

Q: Give me free Premium, I just uploaded a video and I will upload more high quality content!
A: We are 100% capable of observing and rewarding the community ourselves when appropriate. Being annoying does not help the site and only adds to our workload.

Q: Why is X inside a Premium category?
A: It’s for a good reason – either as per standing agreement with the producer, or a particular effort went into procuring it.

Q: Could I please get some free Premium access?
A: Communism is the very definition of failure!

Q: Do I need a new account for each of your sites?
A: Yes, member accounts are tracked separately. Your account only gives you access to the site you created it on. We considered implementing a single account at one point, but discovered it would be problematic in the long run.

Q: Can I pay for Premium at all of your sites at once?
A: No, this is done individually for each of the sites you wish to have Premium with.

Q: Is my Premium renewed automatically? How can I renew it after it expires?
A: All payments are one-time and Premium can be renewed after expiration at your discretion simply by making a new payment. As such, no manual cancellation is ever needed.

Q: Can I make a new payment before my Premium expires?
A: Sure, you will have your expiration date extended accordingly. You can view your Premium expiration date in your profile any time.

Q: I can't pay with any of your payment methods, could I pay in some other way?
A: Unfortunately, at present we do not provide any payment methods other than those listed at the Premium page.
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