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Premium Changes for 2023

Hello everybody,

Today, I did away with 1 month and 3 months Premium plans. The ones remaining are 6 months, 1 year and lifetime. This is something I feel might better suit this site, all things considered, and is also in line with what some similar sites do.

This extends to both PayPal and Crypto. "Buy us a video" still remains an option for those looking for a shorter Premium plan - this is something I feel would help with uploads while also enhance the identity of this payment method. With the "whats" out of the way, let's talk about the "whys".

Unique uploads situation - it's unrealistic to expect daily uploads of quality content at a site dedicated to a niche fetish. I don't maintain a pipeline of any kind, whenever I have something for you I just go ahead an upload it. While this is an honest approach, it means one month might see a lot of updates, and the two months after that - not so much. This situation backfires on me with people generally not interested in long-term support of this site. What I mean by that is overwhelming majority of members only grab 1 month whenever there's an interesting update they'd like to have access to specifically. In fact, 100% of all Premium payments for December were strictly 1 month. Same goes for the first two weeks of January. Shockingly, absolutely nobody made use of a "2 years for 1" promotion, meanwhile a fair number of people at PissRIP took advantage of that.

To put it simple - most people only subscribe when they feel the current updates situation justifies it, and this is not a healthy approach for this site long term, considering the potential community is fairly limited.

Increase in PayPal third-party solution fees - our partner announced he'll be charging 5% more this year due to increased running costs of his operation. While this is hardly reasonable, there is no alternative. I already tried the "100% Crypto" experiment back in September, and it failed. While I'd love there to be an easy to use payment method available to everyone at the same time - it seems we cannot have the best of all worlds.

Upgrading technical side - a couple downtimes in December following abuse claims made apparent we need to be focusing more on servers to have mirrors and backups of everything available in multiple spots to ensure the 24/7 operation even in case of emergency. Of course, this translates into increased running costs for the site.

Situation in the niche - even though it might sound like a pat on the back, it's hard not to admit this site and its collection is unique, and there's barely an alternative. This is even more pronounced this days, when the creators are going extinct, switching to different business or isolating themselves only to deal with select few customers. What's already on the site is worth years of labor and thousands of dollars and I feel the site should be developed and nurtured rather than selling itself short.

Ukraine situation - those who follow my news posts know what my working conditions are like, and I'm afraid they are not improving. While we were getting more power for the holidays, the blackouts are back. Where I'm going with this is I won't be able to spend a lot of time to make updates, and if there's not many updates then why would people subscribe - and so the cycle repeats.

There are more "whys" to bring up, but these are the more important ones.
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