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PayPal to Discontinue on September 1, 2022

Hello everyone!

Our third-party PayPal solution has served us well for about a year. But then, starting from late May, it began to have frequent unannounced downtimes and maintenance. In June, it effectively disrupted a sale for us as it affected a better half of our membership. As a response, I've adopted crypto and, more recently, GiftPay as payment alternatives. You can read more about this situation here and here.

Even though PayPal somewhat stabilized in second half of June, it started having issues again as soon as early July. As a result, we feel the service offered is frustrating and unreliable, let alone for the atrocious fee of 40% they charge us. Therefore, I can't help but see ending our reliance on PayPal as inevitable. Let's talk more about it.

We realize going our separate ways right away would harm that part of our membership who are still able to use PayPal and are not interested, not comfortable or not experienced with getting into other payment methods, such as crypto. Even though 100% monetization through crypto could likely be the future of our sites, that future hasn't arrived yet.

As such, I am introducing a 1.5 months transition period before PayPal will be discontinued. During that period, I highly encourage our members who are still able to use PayPal to grab as much Premium as they want or can afford, in order to avoid the necessity of learning how to pay with crypto etc. in the future. To this end, from today and until September 1 there will be a 20% discount on Lifetime Premium through PayPal.

On September 1st PayPal payment method will be disabled and will no longer be available going forward.
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