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watch girls holding pee
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Site Updates

Hello DesperVids!

1. We improved the design of the video player page - related videos are now displayed to the side and the description is now available from the drop-down menu. You should hopefully find it more neat and tidy now.

2. We are looking into implementing the saving of your preferred video player (US/EU). Once you've pressed a button for certain player your choice should be remembered next time you watch any video. We should hopefully have this feature ready next week.

3. Our sites have been growing, and in order to optimize traffic usage we have implemented a daily downloads limit of 15 videos, which in our experience should be more than enough for everyone, outside of those people attempting a siterip. Please mind that this only affects daily downloads and in no way limits your watching of videos!

4. The new payment method GiftPay is now available to our members! The prices of all our payment methods have also been slightly rebalanced according to the payment processors' commission rates.
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