Female Desperation:
watch girls desperate to pee

Recent Updates

Hello DesperVids!

Today, we moved a bunch of "trial" categories like Movies and Shows and Short Clips to Premium. This is in line with similar updates taking place at PissRIP. This effectively means there are no longer "free" categories at the site. While we don't have to keep the same policy on everything, in this particular case it made a lot of sense:

1) While those categories were not particularly valuable, there was no motivation to updating them either, as a result they received low priority. We believe this was not very healthy for the site long-term.

2) This change, in turn, allowed to restructure the navigation, moving away from "Members Area" and "Premium Area" and towards logically organizing content by its nature and provenance.

3) Furthermore, it enabled to create several new categories under Voyeur Desperation for the most represented studios. While you might argue it's not that hard to find your way around 300 clips, experience proves the categories tend to become crowded over time, which makes it difficult for people to find what they're looking for.

4) Other Videos was renamed to Amateur Videos, in line with its de-facto identity and to give better idea what kind of content should be uploaded there.
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