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DesperVids going Crypto!

Hey everyone!

Finding payment methods for an adult website like this one is ever a struggle - most payment processors dismiss us as high-risk. For a year now Vids sites have been working with a third-party PayPal solution. It was fruitful for the most part - even though the guys charged us an atrocious 40% cut, PayPal is a known name and is simple to use, being popular with our members as a result.

However, a couple months back they started having unexplained downtimes and unannounced technical works which would occur more and more frequently and effect larger and larger chunk of our membership. Long story short - it is no longer feasible to rely on them. Therefore, we will be accepting Bitcoin as our primary payment method going forward.

I was contacted numerous times about the option to pay with crypto in the past, and people who did that likely recall my answer - that it's unpopular and would have to be processed manually, forcing waiting times on you guys. Yet here we are. To be perfectly honest I'd rather get less payments than have to share almost half of the proceeds with something that's clearly not worth it. This would allow me to spend more to procure content here.

Rest assured, this is not a decision I'm taking lightly, and I understand the implications. From our end, we will try to do everything possible to smooth this transition - I appreciate quite a lot of people have no experience with crypto or are hesitant about it. First of all, while the payments have to be processed manually for now, we will try to get them automated as soon as possible - so you don't have to write me to get your Premium. Second, we will do our best to provide the guides needed for people to learn how to purchase with Bitcoin. And third, PayPal will remain as an option, yet a costly and unreliable one.

In addition, since this PayPal situation got in the middle of an ongoing sale, I am extending it through Tuesday, June 14th to give everyone the opportunity to make the best of it.
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