Female Desperation:
watch girls holding pee
DesperVids 01.06.2023
International Sex Workers' Day Sale (50% off through 10.06)
DesperVids 08.05.2023
May Changes
DesperVids 26.04.2023
New Download Points System
DesperVids 21.04.2023
Thoughts on Current State of DesperVids
DesperVids 13.03.2023
Payment Methods Changes
DesperVids 09.03.2023
Vote for Your Favorite Category
DesperVids 01.03.2023
First Major Update is Here!
DesperVids 23.02.2023
Update Incoming and Other News
DesperVids 15.02.2023
Community Hub Launched!
DesperVids 09.02.2023
St. Valentine's Day Sale (50% off through 16.02)
Hello everybody, For this sale, we are offering 50% off across all payment methods for Lifetime purchases. Enjoy! The sale will last until February 16th...
DesperVids 25.01.2023
Premium Amends and Updates Schedule
Hello everybody, One of the principles for running this site has been to keep no "pipeline" and upload content whenever it becomes available. That's an honest approach and it served us well for the...
DesperVids 10.01.2023
Premium Changes for 2023
Hello everybody, Today, I did away with 1 month and 3 months Premium plans. The ones remaining are 6 months, 1 year and lifetime. This is something I feel might better suit this site, all things...
DesperVids 31.12.2022
Happy New Year!
When russia invaded my country on February 24th, I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep working on the site at all. But the worst did not come to pass, and we not only continued to exist, but had a number...
DesperVids 26.12.2022
We Are Back! + Christmas&New Year Sale Update
Hello everybody, We were unavailable during the weekend following abuse reports on our servers. We are currently recovering from the aftermath and restoring the content that was lost. Sorry for the...
DesperVids 20.11.2022
Happy Birthday Sale
Hello everyone, Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of DesperVids, we are launching a sale. To encourage your long-term support which is more valuable to us than ever - we are offering 30% off 1-year and...
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