Female Desperation:
watch girls holding pee
DesperVids 27.09.2022
Thoughts After Month With 100% Crypto
This month has been a unique one as after disabling the troublesome third-party PayPal solution and putting "Buy us a video" on hold we got to test how viable is monetizing a site 100% through...
DesperVids 04.09.2022
Update On Buy Us a Video
It appears PayPal has recently banned Water-Detox from using it as its payment processor. That was honestly expected to come at some point, the amusing part is how they'd managed to have it going for...
DesperVids 18.08.2022
Update on Download Limits
Hello everyone, A while ago we introduced a daily limit on downloads to optimize traffic usage of our growing sites and prevent abuse. Since then, some of you have been suggesting to remove this...
DesperVids 15.08.2022
PayPal to Discontinue - Let's Prepare
Hello everyone, This is a reminder that our PayPal solution will be discontinued in 2 weeks, September 1, 2022. You can read the background of this decision here. In 2 weeks, this site will be almost...
DesperVids 29.07.2022
GiftPay Discontinued
Hello everyone, Today we discontinued GiftPay payment method for all our sites. The reason for that is they have proven extremely unreliable: not everyone was able to pay and some people ended up...
DesperVids 16.07.2022
PayPal to Discontinue on September 1, 2022
Hello everyone! Our third-party PayPal solution has served us well for about a year. But then, starting from late May, it began to have frequent unannounced downtimes and maintenance. In June, it...
DesperVids 09.07.2022
Site Updates
Hello DesperVids! 1. We improved the design of the video player page - related videos are now displayed to the side and the description is now available from the drop-down menu. You should hopefully...
DesperVids 23.06.2022
Recent Updates
Hello DesperVids! Today, we moved a bunch of "trial" categories like Movies and Shows and Short Clips to Premium. This is in line with similar updates taking place at PissRIP. This effectively means...
DesperVids 03.06.2022
DesperVids going Crypto!
Hey everyone! Finding payment methods for an adult website like this one is ever a struggle - most payment processors dismiss us as high-risk. For a year now Vids sites have been working with a...
DesperVids 31.05.2022
International Sex Workers' Day Sale (30% off through 10.06)
Hello everyone, In order to celebrate International Sex Workers' Day , we are launching a sale. We are offering 30% off across all our payment methods. Enjoy! The sale will end on 10.06, 2 PM (GMT +0)...
DesperVids 27.02.2022
DesperVids and Russian Invasion of Ukraine!
Two days ago I woke up early morning to the words "the war has begun!". Things have been hectic and uncertain since. I used to hear music and kids making noises from outside my window, this days it's...
DesperVids 09.02.2022
St. Valentine's Day Sale (30% off through 16.02)
Hello everyone, In order to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, we are launching a sale. We are offering 30% off across all our payment methods. Enjoy! The sale will end on 16.02, 2 PM (GMT +0)...
Admin 21.01.2022
News System Launched!
Dear DesperVids community! On this January 21th we are happy to launch the news system which we'll be able to use to inform you about all kinds of important stuff happening around the site. We will...
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