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Vika - Just Made It

Vika - Just Made It
Sexy Vika is frantic driving home with a full bursting bladder and she needs to grab her crotch just to keep control. Lots of hard crotch grabbing over her dress. SHe's wearing sexy cotton/lace VS white panties with a sheer light pantyhose. She's grabbing her crotch running to the front door (hope the neighbors didn't see), and up the stairs until she's safely over the toilet and she sighs huge relief as she totally wets through her panties and pantyhose, no time to take them off! Her panties and hose are all wet at the back & crotch but she got all her pee in the toilet... what a close call! She takes off her hose & panties and shows off her naked body and even SNIFFS her pissy panties and wrings them out. Then i try to convince her to keep a diaper in the car to pee into, lol.
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