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Caroline - Bathroomline

Caroline - Bathroomline
I just can't believe I haven't done this realistic yet hot scenario with the lovely and big bladdered Caroline Pierce before! You sneak up behind a lady in tight grey pinstripe dress pants, open toed heels and a tight white top as she's waiting outside the bathroom. Little does she know you went ahead and LOCKED the door from the inside when you saw her squirming in her seat. She's trying hard to hide the fact she really needs to pee & it's even more embarrassing when she sees you and you start a conversation with her. She pauses and says &quote;I'm pissing my panties&quote; and grabs her crotch hard. She had a huge accidental spurt of hot piss into her dress pants! She's trying to hang out but can't and helplessly succumbs to her bladder, her pee pouring out like a waterfall & falling off the cuffs of her pants onto her feet & sandals. She's so mortified but you assure her that you aren't grossed out by it! in fact... you kind of enjoyed it and want to take her out for more drinks! Sh
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