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Jasmine - Delivery Girl

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Jasmine - Delivery Girl
This is another custom where we filmed just the one video, enabling Jasmine to devote plenty of time to getting herself into a highly desperate state. Beginning at eight in the morning, she started drinking and reached her level of 80 fluid ounces before we began filming. She also sipped at some iced tea during the process of recording the movie, so she was definitely bursting. This video contains 8 minutes behind the scenes material. The situation: Jasmine is a delivery girl for a well-known online company, using her own vehicle. She has been out delivery packages all day and has not been able to pee. Now desperate to go, she attempts to relieve herself on the roadside, partially hidden by her vehicle, but there is so much passing traffic, she doesn't feel she can pull her shorts and panties down. She has to abort her first attempt and continue driving. Frantic to pee, she finds another place to pull off to the side of the road and tries again to go. This time, her supervisor calls her and she must answer the phone. He is concerned that she is running late because a customer is demanding to know where his package is, and she should have delivered it by now. He can also tell from GPS that Jasmine's vehicle is not moving, and tells her to get going to the customer's house. Jasmine has to abort her second attempt for relief. She realizes that she will have to undergo the embarrassment of asking the customer for the use of a bathroom when she gets there, because she really can't wait much longer. When she arrives at the house, she runs to the front door and knocks, pee dancing in an effort to control herself. She knocks again. There must be someone in! Her bladder is about to explode! She suddenly realizes that she forgot to bring the package to the house and runs back to her car to retrieve it. She places it on the porch floor and knocks again. Still no answer. She's about to lose control of her bladder. There's nothing else for it; she will have to get behind her car and pee on the driveway. She pulls her shorts and panties down and is just about to go when the customer calls out to her. She quickly stands up, but failed to snag her shorts which are still around her ankles. She stands looking over the car at the customer who want to know if she has a problem, such as a flat tyre. She assures him that everything is fine, but he keeps talking and Jasmine can't hold her pee any longer. She pisses through her panties and and streams down her legs, soaking her shorts, her socks and her sneakers. At last, the customer retreats into his house, and Jasmine is faced with dealing with the consequences of her accident.
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