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Beverley - The Incompetent Realtor

Beverley - The Incompetent Realtor
Beverly is interested in buying a property, but the real estate agent is late and she badly needs to p-e-e. When the realtor does arrive, he admits that he has forgotten to bring the key to the lock box, and he offers to show his client around the property while they awaiting the arrival of his assistant with the key. Beverly is far from pleased because she is extremely uncomfortable and bursting to p-e-e. She wants around with the realtor, urging him to get in touch with his assistant and tell him to hurry up! This the realtor does, going to his car where he left his phone. While he is away, Beverly struggles to hold on but she is so desperate she wets her jeans, soaking them so badly that her accident can hardly pass unnoticed. Of course, no sooner has she wet herself when the realtor's assistant turns up.
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