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Scarlett - Torture of Waiting

Scarlett - Torture of Waiting
Scarlett is a criminal who jumped bail, and she has been caught by a bounty hunter who has her handcuffed in the back of his vehicle. He is driving her back to Virginia from New England, a journey too long to make it one stint, so the bounty hunter plans to overnight at a friend's house. Because Scarlett is considered dangerous, he refuses to take her indoors and place his friend in jeopardy, he leaves Scarlett chained up in the back of the Jeep. She warns her captor that she needs to pee and demands that he let her go to use the bathroom, but he says she'll have to wait until later. Left alone, Scarlett struggles desperately to control her full bladder, her legs wiggling and shaking, desperate to pee but equally desperate to keep her jeans and panties dry. As time passes, however, Scarlett's bladder reaches bursting point. With some difficulty, she manages to open the door and climb out. Her wrists trapped and attached to the hand rail above the door, Scarlett can't pull her jeans and panties down, leaving her no choice but to wet herself. She completely soaks her jeans, proving that she really had been bursting to pee. Unable to do anything, Scarlett stands there in her wet jeans waiting for help to come.
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