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Cadence, Juliet and Jasmine - Held Without Compassion

Cadence, Juliet and Jasmine - Held Without Compassion
Jasmine and Cadence are being held prisoner during the early stages of an investigation, handcuffed to a pole to prevent them getting away. They are being guarded by Officer Juliette March who drew the short straw in the investigation. It has already been a while and both Jasmine and Cadence could really do with a visit to the bathroom, but when Jasmine asks Juliette for a break, she refuses to let them go to relieve themselves. Juliette also has a problem: She cannot leave her prisoners unguarded, yet she desperately needs to pee as well. The restrained girls do their best to persuade their guard to let them use the toilet, until Juliette is tired of hearing the word "pee", because it is making her own situation worse. Finally, Juliette decides to solve her own problem. She finds a discarded can and, placing it on the floor, pulls down her jeans in front of her two prisoners, squats down and pees noisily into the can. The sound drives both Jasmine and Cadence crazy, and it sends them over the edge. In less than a minute, the two restrained girls lose control and soak their jeans. Juliette is very much amused by their situation, and now refuses to let them clean themselves up.
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