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Hannah - New Girl

Hannah - New Girl
Hannah is the new girl at the office and has not been invited along on a special trip for the company's most important client. One of the tasks she has been charged with is to get some chairs from the store room ready for when the rest of the team returns since they plan to celebrate if they land the big contract the expect to get. Hannah goes to the store room to get the chairs, only to hear the door close behind her. Normally propped open since it locks automatically and cannot be opened from the inside, Hannah finds herself trapped for the afternoon. She calls her boss to explain what has happened but he says they won't be back until six o'clock, a three-hour wait for Hannah. Annoyed at being left stuck in the store room, Hannah starts drinking the beer left over from an earlier party to help pass the time. Later, she starts to regret drinking when she feels the first twinges from her filling bladder. She soon finds herself desperate to pee and, without even a trash basket to pee into, she struggling to hold it until the others arrive back to let her out. When she learns that the team's return has been delayed, Hannah reaches the limit of her endurance and can wait no longer and loses control, wetting herself and soaking her legs with pee.
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