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Tara - He Won't Let Her Go

Tara - He Won't Let Her Go
Tara is being held prisoner, standing with her wrists cuffed above her head. She's dying to pee but her captor has not been back to check on her for some time. Tara squirms and gasps as she struggles not to disgrace herself, but she is bursting and can't hold it for much longer. At last, her captor returns and she explains her situation, asking to be allowed to go to the toilet. The captor, who is just a henchman with specific instructions not to release Tara under any circumstances, tells her no. When she complains, he asks, "And this is my problem because?" When she realizes that this man is not going to let her use the bathroom and is going to make her stand there and wet herself, she asks him to go away so that he doesn't see her lose control. But he sticks around, saying it will be fun. Tara is mortified but she has no choice, she simply MUST pee!
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