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Jasmine - The Suspect

Jasmine - The Suspect
Jasmine has turned onto a quiet stretch of road because a police car is following her, and the cop has turned on his lights, conveying to her that she must pull over for him. When the cop comes up alongside her car, Jasmine lowers her window. While driving a car with what appear to be police lights, the man is not in uniform and she asks to see his badge. He shows it to her; he is a detective. Satisfied, Jasmine holds out her driving credentials. After a cursory glance at these, the cop tells her to get out of the car. It's the last thing she wants to do because she's dying to pee and would much rather continue her drive home to use the bathroom. Standing up in the cold won't help her situation at all, but she doesn't want to reveal her embarrassing condition. She asks what all this is about, and the detective tells her she is under investigation as a suspect in a diamond smuggling gang, and that he needs to search her car. Jasmine can't believe what she is hearing, but has no choice other than to get out of her vehicle. She stands fidgeting as the detective begins his surge. She really is bursting, so she tries to hurry things along, being just a little too confrontational. The detective decides to exert more control over the situation by placing the girl in handcuffs. Jasmine knows she is really in trouble now; she can't even run into the bushes to relieve herself. She squirms desperately, trying to control herself, but she is starting to panic that she won't be able to hold her pee until the detective has gone, assuming he doesn't end up arresting her! She asks him again how much longer this is going to take, but he refuses to be hurried. Jasmine's expression is strained as she struggles so hard not to pee in her panties, but the pressure is huge. She feels the urine escaping from her and streaming down her legs. Fortunately, the detective seems unaware of what is going on. Jasmine continues to pee until her bladder is empty. Her legs are briefly warmed as all that hot liquid flows down her thighs and calves. At last, the detective finishes his search. He has found nothing incriminating and he removes the cuffs, telling Jasmine she will be closely watched because he is sure she is part of the smuggling gang. He goes back to his car and drives away, leaving Jasmine standing there in wet panties, not quite knowing what to do next. She searches for something she can sit on, and finding nothing, she lowers her wet butt onto the driver's seat in resignation.
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