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Jasmine - Arrested at the Mall

Jasmine - Arrested at the Mall
We imagine a situation where a girl is shoplifting at various stores around a mall, and just as she heads to the bathroom for a pee, a mall cop arrests her and takes her to a recreational area behind the scenes. He plans to keep her there until the police arrive to formally take her in and book her for theft. The girl fidgets because her bladder is feeling very full now, and the mall cop takes this as a sign that he ought to handcuff her in case she decides to make a run for it. She announces that she needs to use the bathroom, but the cop sees this as merely another ploy to try to leave, knowing that he could not follow her into the ladies room. After a while, he goes to check that the cops are actually en route, leaving the girl to struggle with controlling her bladder, but she is at the limit of endurance. In his absence, she loses control and wets her pants, just moments before he returns to inform her that the police have arrived to collect her. That would be so embarrassing. The opening six minutes of this video is much the same situation, but designed for the handcuffs market. Jasmine only needed to show off the handcuffs to the camera at regular intervals, but she so clearly needed to pee and kept wiggling her legs, having trouble keeping it under control for this video. I thought it would be fun to include it here.
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