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Carissa - Doorstep Desperation

Carissa - Doorstep Desperation
Carissa has turned up at her ex-boyfriend's house to collect her stuff, but he has guests and refuses to let her in, knowing that she would only bad-mouth him, so he shuts the door in her face. It's very cold outside, but that is not Carissa's only problem - she is dying to pee and bangs on the door, pleading for the use of the bathroom. When her ex won't let her in, she shouts at him through the window telling him how serious her situation is, but to no avail. Carissa paces up and down and performs a frantic pee dance hoping the ex will relent, but he just leaves her out there with no place to go. Unable to hold on any longer, Carissa wets her jeans, completely soaking them. They immediately begin to steam as she stands there wondering what to do. Seeing no other option, she starts walking back up the snow-covered drive to where she parked her car, her jeans now growing cold and almost freezing to her legs.
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