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Jessica - I Have To Keep You Here

Jessica - I Have To Keep You Here
Jessica has been taken prisoner by an assailant who intercepted her on her way home from work. He takes her to his basement and keeps her there, informing a colleague by phone that he has her, and describes her to him as Jessica pee dances in desperation. She tells the man she badly needs to use the bathroom but he just makes her stand where she is. As the situation grows critical, Jessica pleads with him to let her use a toilet, and at last he relents. He takes her upstairs, pushing her and almost making her wet herself before she can reach the bathroom. She is mortified that he is going to stand and watch her, but she is so frantic for relief that she abandons her dignity and pulls her tights and panties down, then sits on the toilet. The anguish in her face softens as she empties her bladder at last.
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