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Candle & Carissa - Office Hold Up

Candle & Carissa - Office Hold Up
Carissa chose the wrong day to visit her friend Candle at work because it was the day the office block was robbed by a team of thieves. It's late in the day and most of the offices are empty, but Candle was working late and one of the thieves has to keep an eye on her and Carissa to make sure they don't interfere with the robbery. The girls can't see the man's face but they can certainly see his penetrating stare on their bodies as they struggle in desperation. They start to point out that they have both been kept there for a long time and they both need to visit the ladies room. The thief tells them now and the girls both moan in despair. They make several attempts to change his mind, trying to appeal to his better nature, but nothing works. They are told they will probably have to wait another hour before the team leaves and they are free. Candle says she doesn't think she can wait another hour and is told she doesn't have any choice. The girls wiggle and squirm, doing their best to
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