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Niki Lee Young - Price of Promotion

Niki Lee Young - Price of Promotion
Niki is on the verge of being promoted at work. All it needs now is her boss's seal of approval and her dreams of a managerial position will come true. The boss asks her to stop by his house on her way home from the office for a final chat about the new position. Niki arrives after a long drive, during which she didn't take a bathroom break. When she climbs from her car she already needs to pee. The boss starts chatting with her and she fidgets, suddenly dying to relieve herself. She tries to bring the meeting to a rapid conclusion, but the boss can see the predicament she is in and keeps her talking. Finally, he tells her that if she wants the promotion, she needs to stay a while and not use the bathroom. Niki is a little mystified by his request but she badly wants the promotion, almost as badly as she needs to pee. She continues holding up her end of the conversation, but she is distracted by her very full bladder. Finally, unable to hold it any longer, Niki wets her skirt in front
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