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Becca - If You Can Wait

Becca - If You Can Wait
It has been hours since filming her previous desperation video and Becca has been drinking, and drinking. She waits until she really needs to pee - in fact, the video begins with her debating if she should delay the start for a further ten minutes to make sure she needs to go enough, but after a spasm of desperation she changes her mind and wants to start immediately! Becca is set the task of holding her pee for nearly another half hour. If she can wait that long, she will be paid an additional $100 as a reward. At first she thinks she will be able to hold it that long, but about ten minutes in she is in trouble and starting to fret that she can't hold it. She begins to squirm and pace, starting to pull her skirt up and she longs to let it all go. Reminded of what is at stake she makes herself keep waiting, but it is becoming clear that she is struggling. She falls short of the required time and loses control of her bladder, pissing in her panties and tights and looking enormously reli
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