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Jasmine - Desperate to Make a Sale

Jasmine - Desperate to Make a Sale
We've had Jasmine play the role of a realtor a number of times, but it's such a nice scenario for showing off desperation that we couldn't resist using it again. Jasmine held off on peeing for hours and consumed plenty of liquids, making sure that she would be very desperate by the time the moment came to release. The trick is to delay her until she is so desperate she can't hold it. By the time we started on her showing her client around the house, she already had a catch in her voice from the effort of controlling herself. We also included a bathroom scene where she informs the client that she needs to pee and asks him to wander around on his own for a minute or two while she relieves herself. However, this client wants to make use of her predicament, and tells her he will almost certainly purchase the house if she delays using the bathroom for while. Given that the commission on sales like these runs into thousands of dollars, Jasmine, while longing to use the toilet, nevertheless agrees to the client's request and carries on holding it.

As they go outside where the air is cooler, Jasmine experiences an even stronger urge to pee and really has to fight to control herself. Then we come to the scene where she is going to pee, but there is a delay. A second camera and several tripods have to be put in place, and while this is going on, she is given the camera and asked to chat to the audience. Jasmine talks about her predicament, shows off her bulging abdomen, and keeps her legs tightly crossed to help her wait. It's so frustrating for her because the set up takes some minutes. In fact, the final 8 minutes of the video is all behind the scenes, including before and after wetting sequences. The second camera records only Jasmine's legs as she struggles to wait, and when the set up is complete, she is delighted to learn that she has to wait for several more minutes. Not surprisingly, she pees long and hard when she lets go.
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