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Niki Lee Young - The League of Desperate Ladies Reborn

Niki Lee Young - The League of Desperate Ladies Reborn
The league of desperate ladies had been disbanded for some time, defeated by one client who always managed to avoid paying the agency's fee. All it needed was for one of it's women to hold their pee for three hours while the client looked on, plying them with liquids whenever he felt like it. That clause in their terms of business had been their undoing. Recently, the league reformed and a new CEO in the form of Niki Lee Young was appointed. The first order of business, she decided, was to tackle that same client and this time beat him, collecting a fee three times bigger than the original $1,000. Niki begins the session so full of confidence, determined to win and cement her position as the woman in charge of the agency. What she did not foresee was that the client could ask her to drink something other than water. When he lines up cans of Red Bull, loaded with caffeine and therefore serving as a stimulant, it is not long before Niki finds herself in dire straights. Her bladder is filling fast and her muscle control has been weakened by the excessive caffeine intake. Within an hour she is at bursting point and she knows that she is never going to win against this man. She may well lose her job because she failed on her very first time out, but as she says herself, when you've gotta go...
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